Friday, January 20, 2012

Post 9 / Day 51 ~ Taking 10,000 Steps

I haven't blogged much about exercise.  Not that I do not like doing exercise... as a matter of fact back in the day when I worked at Gold's Gym in Venice, Ca [The Mecca of Bodybuilding] arrr...arrr.. I used to work out about three to four hours per day... yes I said per day!!

The Infamous Santa Monica Stairs... boy do I know you all too well!!  I even miss having you near by  too.  Hmmmm... I think I will be venturing out in the City of El Paso in search of the perfect stairs.  All we would need then, is the beautiful climate Santa Monica has to offer, as well as the ocean breeze!  I can dream can't I?  wink, wink

How I wish I had a picture of me from back then... I was 38 and in the best shape of my life!! Yes, even better than when I was in high school or even in my twenties or thirties.  I did not have a six pack!  I HAD A TWELVE PACK!!  [Ask my husband, we were dating back then.]  I used to do about two hundred to three hundred sit ups every day.  Today... well, I'm happy to do fifty.  LOL!

I mentioned early on in my blog, that I was going to be realistic about this.  In the real world, I do not have four hours to be working out... I have a five year old little girl to care for, who is not in school, yet needs to be taken to gymnastics, play dates, etc.  Then I also have a husband I take care of, ur fur babies and our home... meals, laundry, daily house chores and the family finances.  

With all that said... I didn't even get to "me" time... is there such thing?  I don't know about you, but it is very difficult for me to take time out for "myself" when there is so much to do.  My goal is to get everything done... then comfortably take "me" time as I enjoy the fruits of my labor.

I have however taken my own advice and "take" time for myself.  The chores will always be there, as will everything else... my sanity and my health are another issue.  Therefore, I MAKE time for me.  Just as I have to take Calley places, doctor's appointments and such... I started making the same provisions for myself.

Since the start of the year, I signed up my family at the local YMCA.  Calley has her gymnastics and I have my pilates, zumba and kickboxing classes!!  Calley goes twice a week and now so do I.  

You may think that working out twice a week is nothing.  This is not true.  Not in my world.  Twice a week has made a big difference in my life.  Not to mention the endorphin rush one gets.  I am having fun, meeting other people and taking time out for "me".  

Hold on now... it does not stop here either.  There are other things I do for myself... such as, parking far from the store entrance (extra walking), taking the stairs instead of the elevator or finally how about taking the stairs instead of the escalator?  This is a good one!  Half the time they are right next to one another.  You get to the top faster too!  

Little measures like the ones I mentioned, helps me sneak in exercise without it actually being "exercise".  Almost tricking myself..   Wait and the best part of it all... my daughter is learning healthy habits!  Amen.

The point here is not to "trick" yourself into exercise per say, but to actually take healthy measures to keep your body active and healthy... so we can live healthy, happy and active lives... and live longer in a healthier state.

SO this week, make some healthy choices for yourself.  Instead of driving around the parking lot at your grocery store looking for "that" perfect spot near the front, just park your car at the end of the row and walk those extra steps.  After all it is advised to take 10,000 steps per day... and "steps" do add up after all.     Going up to the 10th floor? ... get off on the 8th and walk those last two floors.  Going to the second floor? ... Take the stairs period.  Your steps do add up!  Not to mention the great legs and posterior you will soon discover! 

What will you do different this week?  Go ahead challenge yourself.  Don't wait until you're in your forties [or later] to get healthy... do something for yourself and do it now!

Stay healthy and Think Positive!


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Anonymous said...

I've always thought the key to being healthy isn't working out 4 hours a day, but making those little choices every single day - walking up the stairs, having an apple instead of a candy bar, etc. You make some really great points!! Good luck to you!