Friday, January 27, 2012

Post 10 / Day 58 ~ You & I Have Remedies in Our Home!

This week will be the week forever known as the week Social Networking came to be known as a new addiction in my life!  wink, wink.  Word has it that my friend Kathy Radigan's [author of My Dishwasher's Possessed,] husband and mine are both looking into the same rehab program for bloggers, for the both of us!  

To avoid being redundant, you can check out my other blog that changed my life.. Taking Back My Life ~ Making It My OwnDay 234 ~ A Sequel to fill you in. 

In my perusing on the internet, searching out ways to promote my blogs this week, I stumbled upon Stumble Upon.  (couldn't resist)  Not that this is a site to promote my blogs, it's not.  However, it is a great way to discover anything under the sun... more or less.

After signing up, I checked off anything that was of interest to me... and I mean anything!  And continued my perusing.  You can also like, or follow, other Stumblers  (what "they" call those of us who log into the and their interests as well.  I'm sure there is more to this site, but with at least ten other social networking sites that I am a part of, well... I was at my wick's end.  wink, wink

Get on with it ... what does this have to do with your post?  I'm sure is what you are thinking right now... Well let me tell you...

I stumbled upon, and liked, a great article from what turned out to be a website for Pharmacy Technician Certification.  No I do not want to be a Pharmacy Technician... but somehow... I Stumbled Upon it!  while researching for my post this week.

The article or post is called 100 Healthy Remedies That Are Right In Your Home.  A MUST share from me to you!!  AS a matter of fact, if I didn't share it I could not live with myself! wink, wink  Okay enough with the winking already!  I don't  know about you, but I got to think of something new to say!  LOL!

Including ten categories such as Common Healthy Remedies, Weight Loss, Beauty, Immune System and even Cancer Remedies, which are all possibly found in your home.  Be it your fridge, fruit bowl, spice rack or your pantry, you can find these remedies in your home!

Did you know that "honey is said to be one of the most ancient and turned to remedies across the world. It is even used to combat diarrhea, indigestion, stomach ulcers and gastroenteritis. Visit to get more information."

Or that "some studies suggest that vinegar can increase metabolism. This in turn helps the body process food and burn more calories."  And that "the spice found in Jalapenos can increase metabolism.  In fact, many naturally spicy foods tout similar properties."

There is so much more valuable, yet free information on healthy remedies that are right in YOUR HOME!

I'm telling you... this is such a worth read, print and laminate type of article... so much so that I have gone ahead and copied the document, enhanced a few areas, saved it as a .pdf file and uploaded it to Google Docs just for you!  So no excuses... I've done all the hard work.  Now all you have to do is click here, a new window will open, print it, laminate it and keep it handy in your kitchen.

Here's to making another healthy choice for a healthier lifestyle!

Stay healthy and Think Positive!


Images courtesy of google images.


Joy Page Manuel said...

Hahahaha....both you and Kathy soon to be on rehab...too funny! Anyway, thanks for sharing this Carla. Honey is pretty amazing and I'm just glad my son likes it cos I often give it when he has a cough and cold. Sometimes I think he likes it too much and am afraid of all the sugar he's ingesting. At least it's all natural right? ;-))

Becky Jane said...

I drink 1T Braggs All Natural Cider Vinegar with 1/2 c cold water when my arthritis starts acting great1

Hugs to you and Kathy...she's one of my favorites!

Tara said...

I used to need rehab thus stepped away from the pc for about 6 months give or take and now I am much better and in control lol. I have never used Stumble upon but looks like you found some useful info!I bought honey for allergies as it is supposed to help I am hoping to get preggo with #2 and it would be safe and natural! -VB