Friday, February 3, 2012

Post 11 / Day 65 - 99 Foods That Help You Loose Weight

99 Foods I can buy to help me be healthy, and loose weight!?!?!  

You're kidding me, right?

Nope!  No I am not!

In my perusing this past week I came across a list put together by Dr. Oz (I'm sure it was his staff  wink, wink) of 99 foods I can purchase at the grocery store that will help me loose weight.

This is a must for a healthier you.
Well, guess what?  I am going to put this list to a test.  I will be shopping next weekend (I'm giving myself a week to clean out the fridge) and will be exchanging some items that I normally purchase.

First off, some of the food on this list are frozen prepared foods.  Homie doesn't do tv dinners. I do not like preservatives... I run from them!  That, and Dino, my hubby, can be picky.  Sooo... I will do the best I can to stick to this list, and substitute on other items.

Secondly, I agree that Dr. Oz (and his staff) has suggested quite a few named brands out of convenience.  However, as stated in Dr. Oz's disclaimer, I too do not endorse any of the named products listed.  I will be comparing the products' listed nutritional value and ingredients to other brands, making the best decision for my family.

However... I am faced with a challenge.  I live in El Paso.  There is one health food grocery store in town, and it is nothing like Trader Joe's or Whole Foods!  The best part about living in Los Angeles was the number of health food stores!  Big or small, you can find them there.  Challenge or not... I will prevail!  wink, wink.

For Dr. Oz' healthy grocery list you can either click here to print it, or go to Dr. Oz's website for it there. 

Here's to another glass of water!

Stay healthy and Think Positive!

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1TootieFoodie said...

I think you will do great! I always give people suggestion to clean out the fridge and pantry when they ask me how my husband and I stay so healthy.

Tracy Balderach said...

I can't wait to come back and read up on your updates! Good luck and here's to healthy eating! Nice to find you from VB! Tracy