Friday, March 2, 2012

Post 15 / Day 93 ~ Water, Friend or Foe?

I wanted to talk to you a little bit about water; pros, cons and the battle of drinking it.

Personally, I go up and down with this one.  There are days that I am spot on, and get my water in.  Then there are others... which as an after thought, how difficult can it be?

I have been told by doctors, nutritionists, as well as personal trainers alike how important water intake is.  To even make it easier for a person, with the exception of liquor, wine, spirits and beer, most of the beverages that you drink during the day count towards your water intake.  This includes your tea and coffee!

So... if all of this is true, then why is it so difficult to drink the recommended water alottment for one's health?

Are we too busy?  Are we not thinking?  And NO SODA DOES NOT COUNT!! 

I understand that water is not as tasty as a coke, I get it.  But we keep grabbing those pop cans.  Hey, I am not excluding myself from this either.  I try not to drink more than one can per week; some weeks I do awesome and then there are weeks like this last one that I fell off the wagon and had three!  Don't worry, I did some extra walking and cardio to help burn off those extra calories.

What can we do to get our water in?
  • add a slice of lemon or you  can make some lemonade
  • lime slices are good too!
  • Ice tea anyone?
  • Crystal Light does the job for many body builders!  Shh don't tell them I told you, but many body builders use it.  snicker, snicker.
  • vitamin water anyone?
  • add juice... try a 50/50 mixture with your favorite juice.  
  • how about those handy little water additives, including added vitamins, energy, focus and other tasty little flavors... just snap and add it to your water bottle! 
What are some ways you drink water?  Let me know and I'll include your ideas.  Let's unite, partner up, anything to help us get our water in!  

Water is so important for hydration purposes, and is excellent for weight loss as well.  Here is a picture showing you the benefits of water for our body.

BUT do not over do it!!  Too much water for you is not good either!  You can get Water intoxication.  For more information on water intake or intoxication, click here.

Too much water CAN kill!  There is a happy medium or moderation FOR EVERYTHING!!!  For more information on too much water disadvantages, click here

You can also read these articles on people dying from too much water intake:
Just as everything in "health" goes, please see your physician before dieting as well as what he recommends YOUR water intake should be.

There are also conflicting reports as to whether or not how much water should be drank, and believe or not whether you even need eight 8oz glasses per day.  

Personally, in this hay day of information technology including having the entire world at the reach of my fingertips, I try to research, get more than one  opinion and speak with at least two doctors.  

The final decision lies within myself...  I try to make the best educated decision for myself and my family.

Here's to another glass of water!  Do not over do it, please.

Stay healthy and Think Positive!

Blessings to you and yours. 

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Michele Aguilar said...

A lot of great information here! I rarely drink soda and I can't stand the taste of coffee. Water is actually my main drink. That's what we were raised on so that's what I like. Even though that's what I always drink, I know I still don't get that "recommended" amount ;). Thanks for sharing this with us!

Leslie said...

You are so right! I try to drink at least 30oz of water every day. I do good in the mornings, but I feel like the rest of the day gets the best of me. I'll try better tomorrow!

Nicole Orriƫns said...

I drink lots of tea, and hope to get enough water inside of me that way. I also drink sparkling water. Does that count?!

Dominique Goh said...

I have heard of water overdosing. I too srtuggle to get tat 8 glasses