Friday, March 9, 2012

Post 16 / Day 100 ~ Nothing Wrong with Being a Size 10

This past week my blog reached not only its first milestone, but a second one too!!  1,000 views!!  WOoo HOoo!!  And 100 Days of My LifeStyle ReDesign!!

Well I sincerely hope that some of my collective thoughts on health, dieting, non-dieting, life style and life in general have helped you in one way or another in the past sixteen weeks.

In the near future I will be diving further into food and its consumption, aging, life's cycles and the reality of life itself.

If you have any suggestions, input, corrections (because I'm not perfect wink, wink)... please, please do not hesitate to send me an email or leave a comment.

I read and find dozens of blogs online about dieting, exercising, and life... and this is absolutely fabulous.  They are very regimented, informational and educational.  The only difference with my blog I would have to say, is that it's all of that plus the reality of life itself combined into one.  I know that my blog is very informal... better yet, a better way to describe my blog would be an average woman (reality) vs a top runway model (a little unrealistic).

That was just an analogy to get the point across that my blog is realistic, meaning... we always do not have time to exercise, let alone a personal trainer that comes to our house and works our butts off; sometimes our diet could use a little tweeking and this is where a personal chef would be AWESOME- however, how many of us can really afford one?  

I, by no means was degrading other blogs... all the blogs I have seen and read are terrific, informative, full of what we should be doing.  Granted, I have a little of that in mine too... however, the average woman feels a little more comfortable getting motivated from a size 10 as opposed to a little intimidated from a  size 0.

If you are a size 16 or better, arriving at a size 10 for most women is a little more realistic, than ever becoming a size 0 let alone size 2.  It's doable.  It is also doable being a fit, healthy size 10.. and if you happen to get to a size 8... better yet!

... and... How about Ms. Marilyn Monroe?  She was a size 12!

Here's to another glass of water!  Do not over do it, please.

Stay healthy and Think Positive!

Blessings to you and yours. 

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