Thursday, December 1, 2011

Post 1 / Day 1 ~ Taking The First Step

Once My LifeStyle Re-Design gets underway and implemented... today will mark the first day of the rest of my long, healthy, and happy life.

I want to be healthy, of body, mind and soul.  I am at a point in my life (just shy of my 49th birthday) where I have come to the conclusion that I am no longer in my thirties, let alone twenties, and I hate to say it... almost finished with my forties.  There I said it!  Happy?!  (whinny tone)  wink, wink.

And like most ladies my age, I have been on diets most of my life.  The latest one was My wii Fit Plus 21-Day Challenge and I survived each day to blog about it.  This is where I challenged myself to look fifteen pounds in 21 days, with the motivation being looking great at my 30th high school reunion.  

I blogged about the challenges, exercises using my wii Fit Plus, menus and threw in a few tips along the way.  The results, I lost 8.3 pounds.  Where I failed, was being on vacation the last seven days of my challenge.  In my defense, this was a spur of the moment idea which could have worked if I would have started a week earlier.

After I finished my challenge, some time went by... I continued to think on how I could improve my weight, my health, a new sort of challenge, knowing that there needed to be a lifestyle change.   As I continued to think about it, I geared myself toward thinking about what I wanted to accomplish.
  1. Live a healthy life
  2. I want to be able to cook and eat delicious gourmet foods
  3. I want to be able to have a glass of wine or a cocktail every so often
  4. Not exercise everyday 
Bearing all this in mind, these are the things I must do...
  1. Tweak my diet a tad... not much really because then ...
  2. I need to exercise or at least cardio or yoga three to four times per wee (this is realistic) and I will do so implementing my wii fit plus, walking
  3. Limit my drinking to maybe twice a week (not that I drink every single day, however one should limit themselves with alcohol- after all alcohol isn't the healthiest thing to consume, and one is consuming empty calories
Besides my experience with my challenge, and dozens of diets through the years, I have educated myself in nutrition and worked out for many years.  I also worked for a world know gym in Venice, California, along side world famous body builders, personal trainers and fitness models [for quite some time.]

I am going to take all the knowledge I gained and take the first step... FOLLOW MY OWN ADVICE.... You must change little things in your life.

Rule No. 1.  One can not just go on a diet for a period of time, loose weight and then go back to your life and expect to keep the weight off!  First of all, it is not just a matter of eating less calories, one MUST exercise... and more importantly IT IS A LIFESTYLE CHANGE!!  

You must change your style of life... after all, your lifestyle was what got the weight on to begin with!  Stopping for fast food, sodas, candies, pizza.... Oh my goodness!! It is all around us.

So I decided... what can I live with and what can I live with out.  For example do I eat fast food or do I have pasta and salad for dinner?  Do I have a soda pop or a glass of wine later?  These examples may not fly for everyone, but you get the picture.  Plus knowing that I love to eat and drink well, I have to make adjustments.  Making these conscious choices will bring healthy results in your life.

It's all about the life I want.  What I choose to give up in order to have what I want.  Exercise.  More importantly, I do not want to be a burden to my family later in life.  

With all that said... my commitment is to blog about the choices I decide to make in order to do the things I love, so I may live a long, healthy and happy life that I want and deserve.  I will make choices and changes that I can keep in my life... re-designing my lifestyle. 

Always try to find the positive in a negative situation.

Stay healthy and Think Positive!


I am not a doctor or a dietitian, and am not promoting for you to follow "my lifestyle re-design."  I do however advise you to consult your physician before exercise or dieting.  This is for my own personal gain (or loss) and not affiliated with wii in any way.  wii is not paying me for this.

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