Friday, December 30, 2011

Post 6 / Day 30 ~ Out With The Old

This is my last post THIS year.  Wow.  Another year bites the dust!  Funny seems like the older I get the faster they go by.  LOL!  

I have decided that 2011 is not the only thing that is over...  the days of my not thinking of myself and not treating my body like a temple are over too!

The new year will bring me the opportunity to build a healthy life, a healthy body and a healthy mind.  Now, I do have to give 2011 a little credit.  

2011 is the year I met me and discovered so many things about myself that were under my nose the entire time.  It is the year of change and the year of new life.  

Therefore... as they say out with the old and in with the new.   

The Plan~  Go through my home and rid of all unhealthy items, food etc.  
The Target~  My pantry.
Steps to take~  I will go through each cabinet in my kitchen and each shelf in my pantry before  our clocks strike midnight on the 31st.
The Start~  Begin 2012 like I have never began any other year in my life!  With new eyes, new heart, and new soul... and hopefully I will be able to say with a new body!  (wink, wink)
My Wish is for all bad habits not to be forgot, but to remind me of how far I have come.  And more importantly I wish the same for you.

Happy New Year!  May 2012 bring to you what 2011 had brought to me.

From my family to yours... Have a fantabulous 2012!

Stay healthy and Think Positive!


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I am not a doctor or a dietitian, and am not promoting for you to follow "my lifestyle re-design."  This is for my own personal gain (or loss) and not affiliated with wii in any way.  wii is not paying me for this.  I do however advise you to consult your physician before exercise or dieting.  

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Mommy LaDy Club said...

Happy New Year to you as well! Good luck with your new goals, and if you're writing about them and your progress, you can always come and link up on our Fit & Fabulous Hop:)


Thomasina said...

I am with you! I have had so many revelations in 2011 that 2012 is asking for me to be a different me too! This was very well stated! I too want to begin a new me in 2012 and will be checking on your progress too *wink*!

Mrs. Diner said...

Wonderful post...gets me reflecting on everything from the past year & my own goals for 2012.

Shanan, The Book Addict said...

I love the perspective you have on the start of the new year! My friends and I have been talking about being each others' support and motivation as we all make changes in the new year. Healthier living, Healthier habits. :)


Carla Karam said...

Thank you for the awesome comments! You have all fired me up even more!!


Pamela Rote said...

Poping in with M2R from vB
I too am purging the pantry for the new year!!
Have a Super New Year!!!

Dree Getz said...

I'm visiting from vB. Happy New Year! You can do it. My goal this year is to embrace fitness.

AnneM said...

You just inspired me to eat healthy! I'm going to start snacking on fruits and veggies beginning tomorrow! (Tonight, I'm going for the chips haha). Seriously though, I want to eat healthier this year.

Justine said...

Stopping by from the Thursdays Favorite Things Hop!