Friday, December 9, 2011

Post 3 / Day 9 ~ Breakfast & Snacks Are A Must

For more than a week I have been struggling to get on the right track.  I do good for a day or two, and then before I know it ... I have gotten off track.  But not worry, I find my way back on the right track right away.

The objective here is to eat healthy, stay active, keep a positive outlook and above all make healthy choices.

All week I have implemented parking away from the store's entrance, and taking advantage of the good this does not only for me but for Calley (my five year old daughter) too.  (big smile.)  I ate breakfast two out of seven days, started carrying water everywhere I went, and barely took the time out to sit down for lunch.

Although I stayed VERY active all week long, I did not even get five minutes of cardio in!  So disappointed in myself.  The only thing that is keeping me from getting really down on myself is the fact that I did stay active each day, and that does count for something.  

SO... the goal this week?  To get in at least three days of AT LEAST a half an hour of cardio in.  I will continue to increase my intake of water to the suggested gallon per day, and EAT BREAKFAST!!  I am also going to start sharing recipes, and set up a recipe page here as well.  

When dieting, more common than not, people will cut out breakfast, along with other meals, without realizing that by doing this they are undermining their weight loss efforts.  Furthermore, what they really should be doing is eating every two and a half to three hours.  Basically what you are doing is incorporating healthy snacks in between each of your meals, and increasing your metabolism.

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Okay.  The plan this week is...
  1. eat BREAKFAST everyday                                              
  2. have healthy SNACKS out or prepare a healthy snack in between meals
  3. do AT LEAST a half an hour of cardio THREE DAYS
  4. water, Water, WATER!
  5. stay ACTIVE
  6. keep POSITIVE

Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day.  ~Author Unknown

Stay healthy and Think Positive!


I am not a doctor or a dietitian, and am not promoting for you to follow "my lifestyle re-design."  This is for my own personal gain (or loss) and not affiliated with wii in any way.  wii is not paying me for this.  I do however advise you to consult your physician before exercise or dieting.  

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