Friday, December 2, 2011

Post 2 / Day 2 ~ Tweaking What I Drink

Today was a great day for good choices.  From my lunch, to walking the extra "mile" at the shopping center.  

Some of the little tricks I use to get my "healthy lifestyle" going, are;
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  • Parking far from the entrance at the shopping center, away from other cars.  This does two things for me. a- I get my walking in, and b- my car is protected from door and cart dings.
  • When visiting office buildings, if I visit anyone on the third floor down, I will not use the elevator... stairs. 
  • If it's not in the house, then I won't be tempted.  If you can't eat it, don't bring it home.

The change I made in my life today was putting a limit on my drinking soda pop, as well as my wine and spirits.  Soda is the easy thing to curb for me being that I did not really start drinking it until I was 18, and I make a point of not buying it.  Although, with Dean this is not an issue and he likes his coke.

Okay, I will not even say the "D" word (diet), because I am not technically on one.  I am reprogramming the way I do some things.  And with enough tweaks, I do feel positive that some weight will come off [and stay off.]

At this point, I have not decided how I will be blogging here.  Meaning every day, every other, every so often... I am trying to not blog ever day, only because I am already committed to blog Taking My life Back~ Making it My Own on a daily basis.  However, I will do whatever it takes to make it work... successfully.

So, hopefully without too much strain I will have this all figured out soon.  Although, I must say that as time goes on all good blogs get tweaked every so often.  ;)

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.  ~World Health Organization, 1948

Stay healthy and Think Positive!


I am not a doctor or a dietitian, and am not promoting for you to follow "my lifestyle re-design."  This is for my own personal gain (or loss) and not affiliated with wii in any way.  wii is not paying me for this.  I do however advise you to consult your physician before exercise or dieting.  

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My Journey With Candida said...

Good luck to you!! Because of candida, I had to give up sugar. That was one of the very hardest things I have ever had to give up. I still miss it, but will not give in.